Beginning Organizational Wellness

Welcome.  Organizational wellness, work site culture is where it all begins.   Without a supportive culture, you may find your efforts hitting road blocks around every corner.  Throughout this course we’ll provide information and examples of  concepts on the characteristics commonly found in positive work environments.  This course includes resources to help you think about your current work environment and resource recruitment and retention of wellness champions who will be key to your program success.

By the time you have completed this course you will:

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  • y
  • z
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Two One-Hour Webinars

How can worksite health promotion translate into organizational effectiveness? By broadening the scope to create a culture of well-being, safety and employee engagement. This session will provide a framework for focusing on organizational well-being as a means to individual well-being.

This Section will include:

  • Introductory Exercises including 2 short surveys with a brief follow-up questionnaire
  • A one hour webinar entitled ‘Engagement: The Key To A Culture of Well-Being’ with Dr. Rosie Ward
  • A Pre and Post knowledge checks to assess understanding
  • A downloadable PDF containing Key insights from the lesson
Why have wellness champions? Here are a few reasons that might sound familiar: limited resources, geographic spread, hard-to-reach audiences, distrust, and an overtaxed attention economy. You’re battling many things in your effort to build a culture of health among employees. But you don’t have to go it alone. There are others in your company who feel passionate about the work you’re doing. Learn how to find them, partner with them and recognize them.

This Scetion will include:

  • A one hour webinar entitled ‘Employee Wellness Champions: Attracting, Training and Recognizing your Volunteer Army’ with Fran Melmed and Natasha Romulus
  • A Pre and Post Test to assess understanding